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Communication Skills 101: How to get what you ask for?

Read time: 4 minutesIn today’s issue, I’m going to show you ways to help you get what you ask for when you communicate with colleagues. Your ability to persuade your colleagues to take action on your behalf is a critical skill that can easily be improved. It’s natural to feel disappointment in a communication breakdown, but it’s important […]

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How Wow Now: My favorite way to find breakthrough ideas

Read time: 3 minutesIn this week’s issue, I want to share my favorite way to find breakthrough ideas that skyrocket team and business results. Unless you’re careful, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of working on ideas you feel comfortable with rather than those with a high likelihood of growing your business. By following this short […]

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10 Team Building Activities

10 Team Building Activities to rock your next team meeting

Read time: 1.5 minutesIn today’s issue, I’m giving you a valuable pack of our best workshop activities you can use to spice up any meeting. 100% free. According to research, more than half of all meetings could be more exciting and are deemed a waste of time. With these 10 activities, you can quickly generate creative ideas, solve […]

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How To Give Feedback

How to give feedback: the FBI model

Read time: 3.5 minutesIn today’s issue, I will show you how to give feedback people thank you, rather than hate you for.If you use this framework, you’ll drastically improve your relationship with the people you work with and improve team performance as a result.And even if the feedback you give falls on deaf ears, you will […]

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