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WSB 006 : Applied Improvisation With Paul Z Jackson

In Session 6 of The WorkshopBank Podcast, I’m talking to Paul Z Jackson who is co-founder and President of the Applied Improvisation Network. He’s on the show to introduce Applied Improvisation as a facilitation technique and show what it can do for you and the groups of people you work with. You’ll learn how improvisation […]

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WSB 002 : How To Use Dynamic Facilitation To Solve Big Problems In Under An Hour With Four Flip-charts and a Pen

In this session of The WorkshopBank Podcast, I chat with experienced independent coach and facilitator Alex Nairn who teaches me all about Dynamic Facilitation – a flexible facilitation “choice creation” technique invented by American consultant Jim Rough that can be used to unlock seemingly impossible issues. “Dynamic Facilitation produces a brand new answer that nobody […]

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