WorkshopBank Membership:
Resources & support to help you deliver collaborative workshops & meetings

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6 Modules
WorkshopBank Membership is structured into 6 sections
Save hours of prep. with our ready-made slides, handouts, worksheets & training materials
Free upgrades
As I add new modules you get access at no extra charge
tools & processes included
40+ hours
of training videos
full event blueprints
ready-made training workshops
online courses
team topics covered
workshop design consultations

The cost of poorly organized meetings in 2019 was $399 billion in the U.S. and $58 billion in the U.K. That's almost half a trillion dollars for these two countries alone

WorkshopBank Membership helps you create workshops that deliver tangible results


Discover the most effective processes to use in your meetings and workshops.


We show you how to apply the strategies and tools in your business.


Use processes that save you time, effort and money.


We suggest the best tools and activities in the WorkshopBank library to achieve your objectives.

Virtual workshop and program design sessions over Zoom are included in your membership at no extra charge.

Program Product Shot

It is one of the best investments I have made, giving me access to a wide tried and tested facilitator's toolkit, excellent exercises, great customer/ member support, plus new tools and resources being added frequently.

Dr Pari Namazie

Dr Pari Namazie

Organizational & Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator

Who is WorkshopBank Membership for?

  • HR
  • Project / Program / Product Managers
  • Operations
  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Senior Leaders

These resources & support help teams collaborate more effectively in any situation

"The WorkshopBank Membership Program gives us a fundamental advantage over our competition"

You get instant access to an extensive library of collaborative tools, activities, processes and support to help you run successful meetings and workshops:

  • Brainstorm efficiently and effectively with small and large groups
  • Co-create plans with stakeholders
  • Solve difficult problems and achieve consensus on the solutions
  • Manage dysfunctional attendees and turn them into advocates
  • Confidently apply techniques proven to achieve specific business objectives
  • Prepare efficiently so you remain in control throughout
  • Learn the 5 types of facilitated events & how to design and deliver each
  • Work with uncooperative audiences who show signs of dysfunction
  • Build strong relationships with stakeholders
  • Ensure you remain neutral and prevent becoming emotionally involved
  • Guarantee your participants leave your workshop positive about their experience
  • Appear credible even if you are the least experienced person in the room

What topics are covered?

  • High Performing Team Development
  • Change Management
  • Process  Analysis & Improvement
  • Issue Analysis & Prioritization
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Improving Employee Motivation
  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Workshop Planning & Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Culture Change
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Team Building
  • Action Planning
  • Brainstorming / Idea Generation
  • Communication Skills
  • Essential Leadership Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • New Vision Creation 

Modules Overview

Tools & Activities

  • 50+ collaborative workshop tools & activities – each process comes with step-by-step instructions and slides in Powerpoint, Apple Keynote and PDF formats
  • Unbranded slides so you can easily add your own logo and colors
  • Workshops proven to work in any niche or industry

High Performing Team Framework

  • Our simple 4-step system for improving team results that works in any business, industry, niche or country in the world
  • One unique workshop process that brings everyone together behind a shared vision of the future
  • The 3 processes every team should run regularly to guarantee all the benefits & improvements are sustained long-term

Full Workshop Blueprints

Full Workshop Blueprints
  • 54 high impact workshop blueprints including slides, processes and planning templates
  • Pick from ready-made 2 hour, half-day and full-day event plans 
  • Workshops to help you Achieve Consensus, Develop & Agree Strategies, Generate Creative Ideas, Improve Team Results, Increase Motivation, Influence Stakeholders, Resolve Conflict, Solve Problems, and Improve Collaboration 

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills
  • Online course with 67 short videos to help you learn the tools, tricks and secrets of a professional facilitator
  • Learn how to sell your facilitation services to your organisation or clients so they use you more often
  • Learn how to prevent disruptive people ruining your events

Workshop Planning & Design

Workshop Planning & Design
  • Online course with 55 short videos giving you a repeatable end-to-end process for planning, designing and delivering successful workshops
  • Learn the 5 types of facilitated events and how you should approach each differently
  • Learn how to identify and deal with dysfunctional attendees

Change Management Secrets

Change Management Secrets
  • Online course with 15 videos and action sheets to help you manage disruptive change in any organizational setting
  • Unbranded Training & Communication Pack so you can quickly design your own change program
  • "The Change Management Experience Workshop" to help you lead groups through a mini change process so they experience change management in a safe environment

Design Support

Workshop & Program Design
  • Book virtual consultations with me so I can help you design workshops & programs
  • One Zoom session included in the Silver membership every month
  • Unlimited Zoom sessions included in the Gold membership

Free Upgrades

Coming Soon
  • All new modules we add in the future to help you improve your organization’s results at no extra charge
  • Coming soon: Virtual Collaboration Tools & Techniques

I love designing programs, but sometimes it takes a lot of time, especially when thinking of client's issues and finding the right facilitation tool for that specific case.

Being a member gives me access to a wide tool box of tried and tested exercises. It also provides some blue prints for half or full day programs. In addition, you can download each exercise in different formats. And then, when I get stuck on which exercise suits which program, I get on a call with Nick, who is extremely supportive and talks me through the exercise and facilitation process.

It is one of the best investments I have made, giving me access to a wide tried and tested facilitator's tool kit, excellent exercises, great customer/ member support, plus new tools and resources being added frequently. What more could you ask for?

Dr Pari Namazie

Dr Pari Namazie

Organizational & Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator

Before joining I used to spend a lot of time planning a workshop.

Being a member has meant I've been able to save time and deliver a better experience for my clients.

As an independent project director, the workshops I'm called on to facilitate can be quite varied. I subscribed with two goals in mind -- saving prep time and making my events better for my clients. The resources on the site are well organized and definite time-savers, and between the training videos and Nick's one-on-one guidance, my clients are definitely getting a better experience.

Clint Reece

Clint Reece

Project Director


License our tools, resources & support for yourself, your team, department or organization

Individual License

  • Access for 1 person to our Tools Library — includes PowerPoints, docs, guides, processes, instructional videos, and skills training. Everything you need to run high impact workshops.
  • One-on-one Zoom support — book free consultations over Zoom so we can help you design, prepare for, and improve your workshops.
  • Free updates for life — receive all resources we add in the future
per month

Corporate License

  • Any employee in your organization can use our Tools, Processes, Skills Training & Support. Everything you need to run high impact workshops across your organization
  • Workshop design service — book virtual consultations with us at no extra charge so our team of experts can help you design workshops
  • Program design service — need a program designing? Our consultants can do that. We'll even prepare all your resources, handouts and materials too. All included in your membership
  • LMS License — publish our tools on your Learning Management System (or shared drive) for all employees to access & use
  • Rebranding service — we'll rebrand all the materials so they adhere to your brand guidelines

I've truly found WorkshopBank to be of great value. The activities / workshops we've done with our offices have been great. It got to the point that they couldn't wait for the next seminar to see what I had up my sleeve for them. Thank you for putting this thing together and for all your help.

NJ Miller

NJ Miler

National Expert - Trainer & Certified Health Coach