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1. If your goal is to improve team performance and increase employee motivation

Our resources have helped thousands of organizations around the world develop and maintain high performing teams. To discover how we can help you hit your goals:

2. If you're an independent consultant and your goal is to grow your business

Most of the consultants in our network were fans of our website long before they joined us. We publish new tools & activities to share our love of workshop design and collaboration - and to attract kindred spirits.

Visit this page if you're interested in joining our global consultant network, or if you'd like to showcase your talent by publishing your favorite tool to our growing community of more than 71,000 subscribers send us a message via the chat at the bottom of the page.

3. If you're a teacher and your goal is to find tools & techniques to use with your students

We have lots of tools & activities that you're welcome to incorporate into your curriculum. If you'd like unbranded versions of the material then you can become a member here.

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If your organization has more than 100 employees, we would be happy to discuss your goals and help you by suggesting strategies to improve team performance.

(Others charge up to $1000 for this.)


Stephen Hopkins

Dr Stephen Hopkins, former Regional Lead for the Training & Development Agency in the UK

"The quality of WorkshopBank's contribution towards helping improve team performance is extraordinary."

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