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Rita Bailey
Rita Bailey
"Your activities give fresh ideas for designing group activities when I'm pushed for time."
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson
"The content you provide is nothing short of excellent."
Gillian McCready
"I am blown away by the content and your generosity."

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Patrick Lencioni's five dysfunctions of a team workshop.
Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop
September 9, 2023
Porter's five forces improve your competitive position in the market.
Porter’s Five Forces – Improve Your Competitive Position in the Market
August 26, 2023
How to develop and test new ideas.
How to develop and test new ideas (Google Inspired Design Sprint Process)
August 12, 2023
Micro goals the power of small steps to achieve big things.
Micro Goals: The Power of Small Steps to Achieve Big Things
July 22, 2023
A suit-clad man in front of a blue background, showcasing Team Dimensions Analysis.
Team Dimensions Analysis – Workshop To Build Stronger Teams
July 8, 2023
Start stop improve a simple workshop for your next retrospective meeting.
Start-Stop-Improve: A simple workshop for your next retrospective meeting
June 24, 2023
Stop team from doing things they hate.
Anti-Goals: How to stop your team doing the things they hate
June 10, 2023
Communication skills 101: Learn to effectively ask for what you want.
Communication Skills 101: How to get what you ask for?
June 3, 2023
Develop a comprehensive action plan to ensure desired outcomes following each workshop or meeting.
Who What When: How to guarantee action after every workshop or meeting
May 27, 2023
How wow now my favorite way to find breakthrough ideas.
How Wow Now: My favorite way to find breakthrough ideas
May 20, 2023
10 activities to rock your next team meeting and strengthen team dynamics.
10 Team Building Activities to rock your next team meeting
May 13, 2023
Game changing technique for meetings or workshops focused on active participation through thinking, writing and sharing.
Think-Write-Share: a game-changing technique for any meeting or workshop
May 6, 2023