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The WorkshopBank Story

WorkshopBank started in 2009 to help facilitators and trainers create high-energy collaborative events & workshops.

We believe everyone has something to offer in every situation. Our tools and activities help you create a space for their opinion to be heard irrespective of rank, background or experience.

Organizations who use our tools, processes and support improve team performance and outperform their competition.

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From Independent Consultants To Fortune 500 Companies

More than 16,300 organizations worldwide use WorkshopBank to build high performing teams

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Designed With You In Mind...

160,000+ members across 185 countries

You can find techniques on here that are easy to implement and encourage interaction contributed by professionals from all over the world.

10,000 WSB In 191 Countries
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I love the generosity of sharing WorkshopBank's highly designed and well developed templates / methods.

Julia Goga-Cooke

A really useful site with different techniques presented in an easy to use format.

Dennis Major

Your website is invaluable for us trainer/facilitators who need someone or somewhere to kickstart ideas for workshops

Faris Khalid

I subscribed to your site because I regularly hold workshops with management teams (and others) on various topics and hoped to get inspiration. Which I get! 🙂

Lars Lundberg

I am a young trainer hoping to learn more techniques and knowledge, and your e-mails are more than beneficial to be honest.

Omar Mosalam

Be part of a community that shares similar thinking when it comes to driving change processes and working in organizations that have complex people driven structures

Nicole Michelbach

I love your content – it helps me as a manager who has to work with other teams / stakeholders by giving me a structure of how to communicate by allowing them to think of ideas etc. themselves.

Sarah Roberson

I've been a subscriber for a while and find the accessibility and convenience of WorkshopBank brilliant.

Steve Bather

I appreciate getting new workshop methods easily and quickly explained including material to download.

Nikolaus Ess