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Your Questions Answered...

How will you attract clients and projects to the platform?

What profile of client are you looking to attract to the site (industry, geography, size)?

What is your definition of a 'Project'?

You say in the video that we invoice you and you invoice the client - do you take a percentage of our rate?

Will I receive feedback from a client if they reject my Proposal?

What is the application process?

$199 in one go is too much for me. Is there a payment plan?

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  • Thomas Chambers says:

    I’ve followed you and Workshopbank from the very start (I think) and I was one of the first to signup as a VIP member. Have never regretted that decision and so therefore didn’t hesitate to sign-up for this also.

    Although I do have lots of unanswered questions I feel confident in the fact that I know you to be someone with deep integrity who will make sure this is a success for those of us who get in at the start.

    There are exciting days ahead of us.

    All the best

    • Great to have you with us Thomas and I appreciate the show of faith. Feel free to drop your questions in here or send them across in an email. I’m happy to answer anything and everything.

  • Judy Finch says:

    This looks amazing Nick. In the video you say that we invoice you and then you invoice the clients. Does that mean you take a percentage of our fee?

    • Thanks for your question Judy. We won’t be taking a percentage. You choose your rate and you keep 100% of that.

      We will add our commission (currently 10%) on to the client’s invoice and they will be completely aware of that before you start work.

      One of the first things we’ll be doing after this initial launch is streamlining this process to bring payments on to the platform so you get paid instantly.

  • Hi Martin,

    Just wondering if there’ll be a particular focus on client location (as a source of work) and how travel costs will be managed when these clients are away from us. Also, how will you be attracting the project managers on to your site?

    Thanks for your reply in advance.


    • Hi Patrick

      We’ll be using Google Adwords as our primary paid marketing channel meaning we can focus on the geographies we have consultants in. When you create your Profile you can select which countries you would like to cover. Wherever we have coverage we will advertise.

      Travel costs are for you to discuss with the Project Manager as part of your Proposal. Whatever you agree will become part of your contract with them.


  • I signed up ! I am confident that this project will be a success.
    Thanks Nick for this top idea.
    I like the clarity, the transparency and the collaborative mindset you inspire.

  • Nick, I’m a financial guy, so I’m a little challenged with the “value” of the services as stated, but overall, I see great value in this program, even if I were to only get 1-2 landed clients per year. That said, I have several questions:

    1. Finding work in this industry is all about supply and demand. Even a smaller number of premium providers here, as you describe, would need enough clients to keep the pipeline full. What has the response been in the client community? Do you have partnerships established? What’s your goal?

    2. One of the values mentioned in the per year cost is the $49/year fee currently paid by members. I just paid this a couple of weeks ago – would this be a “credit” for the new membership platform?

    3. How does the billing work? Is it billed monthly or annually? I was a little confused with the “first two months free” mention, unless it was either billed monthly or annually but delayed two months.

    4. I’m a fairly small consulting company (I do have a full-time job too!) but have had a lot of interest in expanding what consulting I do into the global realm. Do you get the sense that clients really want someone traveling around the globe to serve them? I’ve struggled to locate those outside of my own geography and even the clients who have reached out to you informally through WorkshopBank have really only desired someone local. Can you address that?

    Thank you!

    Erich Heneke
    Heneke Business Consulting

    • Hi Erich

      Great questions. Here are your answers:

      1) As you know WorkshopBank has a fairly decent public profile that attracts not only people like yourself creating and running workshops but also the clients themselves. For a few months now I’ve been testing client demand with a primitive lead capture page and there’s been a steady trickle of requests for consultants. The new app/site is a much more attractive proposition for clients so will have a much higher conversion rate. Layering on top of that will be the reinvestment of membership subscriptions into paid marketing (mainly Adwords) as well as direct contact with large organisations in my network. The organizations we target for projects will depend on our consultant geographical profile at the end of this launch.

      2) As a VIP Member you should have received a special discount coupon in your email earlier which gives you a discount on your yearly subscription for Projects. Let me know if you haven’t received that.

      3) It will be billed yearly. For this first year you will get 2 extra months from the moment the platform is available to you to create your profile. So, for example, if you buy today, and the platform becomes available to you from 1 March we will manually set your re-subscription date to be 1 May 2018 and then 1 May each subsequent year.

      4) Good question and I don’t have a clear answer for you to be honest. My sense is that clients want the best possible result and if that comes from a local facilitator then that’s even better for them. Will they hire someone who is a partial fit and local over someone who is a perfect fit and far away? I suspect some will and some won’t. What I do know though is in these early days when there are fewer available consultants on the platform your opportunities to consult away from your local area will be greater in number.

      Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


  • Hi Nick,

    Congratulations on the launch of this new product. I definitely like the direction that this is going, but do have a number of questions that I’d like answers on. Perhaps I can email you about them?
    First thing however, my experience and work is focused more on training consultation and eLearning design and development, however I notice that your site is focused more on facilitation. Would this product still be a good fit for someone with my skillset and experience? Would you potentially be looking for clients that require what I produce?

    • Please do email me them Lalit. Or ask them on here. Whichever you prefer.

      Training and facilitation are so close that yes we will be looking for clients that want either. The reason being is that I find clients often mix these two up. Someone looking for a trainer was in reality needing a facilitator and vice versa. I guess that’s why many consultants in our niche like to be able to do either. Sometimes sessions need a mix of both also to keep things fresh.

      One area we won’t be starting in, at least to begin with, is coaching. I can very easily see us going in that direction in the near future but not to begin with.

  • Nick,
    Looks interesting. You say that once the project is completed we bill you and you them. What about interim payments?

    • If you agree an interim payment schedule with the client as part of your Proposal then that’s fine. Our admin will support whatever you agree with the Project Manager.

  • Alastair Dijksman says:

    Well done Nick. Like a number have said here already the values you embed in your approach are very appealing. I have been the beneficiary of your first rate work for a while (again I think from the start) so it’s good to see it turn into something with a commercial payback. I’ve happily signed up and look forward to the next steps.

    • Very glad you think so Alastair and I’m very pleased you signed up. Welcome 🙂

  • As always, I’m enthused by your initiatives Nick. “Project” is second to none!

    • I’m looking forward to working with you Kene. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment.

  • Gill Cromhout says:

    Hi Nick

    Congratulations on the launch of your brilliant new concept.

    I have so appreciated having access to WorkshopBank over the years. Its content, which is user friendly, has added huge value to the work I do.

    I look forward to being a member of Projects.

    Kind regards

    • I’m delighted you signed up Gill. Really looking forward to working with you.

  • Hi Nick, I plan to sign up. Just one question for now: You mentioned that you will be paying us, once we invoice you and you invoice the client. I live in the U.S. Is it possible for you to pay me in U.S. dollars? I ask, for I have worked with clients all over the world, and for many reasons, it’s much better if I am paid in my local currency. Is this possible? Many thanks, Nancy

    • Absolutely Nancy. US Dollars is the currency of our business bank also so that’s no problem.

      For others reading this with the same question – wherever possible we will pay you in your local currency. I anticipate that to be the case 99% of the time.

  • celeste says:

    Hi! Just joined…looking forward to Portuguese Speaking projects …:-) and congrats for this initiative.

  • Allen Annett says:

    Nick, Where are the projects coming from? How are you getting firms to send their consulting projects to you?

    • 3 ways – organically through the WorkshopBank website, paid marketing by reinvesting your membership subscriptions and direct contact.

      WorkshopBank has a decent public profile that attracts not only people like yourself creating and running workshops but also the clients themselves.

      On top of that will be the reinvestment of membership subscriptions into paid marketing (mainly Adwords) as well as direct contact with large organisations in our network. The organizations we target for projects will depend on our consultant geographical profile at the end of this launch.

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