Event Plans Ebook

Coming very soon – our ‘Big Book of Event Plans’ eBook with dozens of tried-and-tested Event Plans & Workshops.

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Who is this eBook for?

Anyone who designs events.

We are often asked how all the tools on WorkshopBank fit and work with each other in the real world.

Some work great together. Others not so well and you don’t want to make mistakes in front of a live audience right?

In this eBook you’re going to receive a hugely valuable resource that will give you, at the very least, inspiration for your next event, if not the whole design in minute detail.

It will cover:

  • Lots of different event durations ranging from 2 hour workshops to multi-day events.
  • Lots of different audience types from groups who have never met each other before to those who have been working with each other for years.
  • Lots of different main objectives from looking to achieve a common understanding on a difficult problem to creating a detailed action plan of the future.

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Nick Martin
Founder, WorkshopBank

Nick Martin