WSB 007 : How to run workshop activities without needing everyone to be in the same room as you

Most workshops you run are likely face to face events with all the participants in the room together. Is that right?

You start with some objectives, design a process, get everyone together, run it and at the end you achieve your mission.

  1. But what if you want to involve more people than can fit in the room?
  2. What if there are some who live and work in different parts of the country or even the world?
  3. What if you can’t get everyone to work on achieving your objectives at the same moment in time?

The answer to all these questions is you need technology to help you.

Recently I came across a company called MeetingSphere who have created a technical solution to all these problems.

It’s an online product which is so adaptive you can use to run any kind of process with as many participants as you want.

Governments have used it to run open consultations with their community. It’s that scalable. And it’s that secure.

To find out more about it for you I talked to MeetingSphere’s CEO over Skype and recorded our conversation.

Then I did a live demo with some members of the MeetingSphere community to see how the product works in a real situation.

Personally I’m very impressed. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Interview with Steve Bather (the CEO of MeetingSphere)

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Live demo of MeetingSphere in action

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What you will learn from watching these videos:

  • How anonymity increases participation in the idea generation phase
  • How MeetingSphere works equally as well with large live conferences as it does with regular small online meetings
  • What problems MeetingSphere solves that offline working can never achieve on its own
  • How small efficiency gains achieved in meetings can have a large impact on the overall performance of a company
  • How we spend 70% of our time (on average) in meetings and what we can do to make this time better spent

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  • vinita Grewal says:

    Hi Nick I am Vinita Grewal from India,We work against human trafficking and run safe home “Nai -Asha” for survivors,my meetings awareness programs generally get filled with heaviness,your some of activities will help me to keep them sitting and involved more in the program. Big Thanks.

    • Thanks for your positive comment Vinita. You are working for a very worthy cause so I’m glad I can help in a small way.

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