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After your interview we let you know if you have been accepted. If you are accepted you create your Profile on the platform and we authorize you to be able to make proposals.

Common Questions


How are clients & projects attracted to the platform?

WorkshopBank has a wide public profile that attracts not only consultants like yourself but also the clients themselves.

Your membership subscription is reinvested into paid marketing as well as direct contact with large organizations in our network. The organizations we target for projects depend on where our consultants are based.

What kind of clients use your website (industry, geography, size)?

A broad industry spectrum of medium to large companies. In terms of geography we market our service in the countries we have a good base of consultants in. When you create your Profile you can select which countries you would like to cover. Wherever we have coverage we market.

What is the average day rate through your platform?

You charge what you believe is right for each project. We don't advise you either way. If you believe it's complex and should be charged higher then you are free to do that. If it's a client that you'd like to offer lower for (e.g. a charity) then you can also very easily do that. No-one has any visibility over any of your proposals past and present.

Plans & features

When does the Yearly subscription start? Today or later?

It starts later. After you apply to join you receive an email to book an interview time. You choose the date and time that suits you so if you'd like to delay you are welcome to do that.

Your subscription starts from the moment you're accepted after your interview. This means you are in full control over when your subscription begins and then renews the year after.

Do you take a cut / percentage of our rate? Are there any hidden costs?

No absolutely not. Your membership fee is your only cost. When you make a proposal on a project you choose your rate and you keep 100% of that.

I work in a company with several consultants. Do we all need to join individually?

There is no need for more than one from your company to join. All we need is a single point of contact that makes it through the application process.


What is the invoicing and payment process for client work?

You invoice the client and they pay you direct. We don't get in the way.

Will I receive feedback from a client if they reject my Proposal?

We can't guarantee you feedback but we do ask a client to leave it when they reject a Proposal. You will also be able to continue the chat conversation with them after a Proposal is rejected to ask them yourself if you would like further clarification.

Are there any restrictions on repeat work with clients?

The clients you meet through Projects are your clients. You are welcome to contact them and work with them directly after your first project with them.

If a client project is bigger than I could do myself, can I bring on other consultants?

Yes. They wouldn't be able to make proposals on other projects without going through our application process but if you vouch for them and the client is ok with the arrangement then that's fine.

You would be the single point of contact for both us and the client and the whole project would still need to be invoiced through us. You could also start a project yourself if you need to find extra resource and don't have them in your current network.


We're happy to hear from you. Please either use the Comments section below or send us a message through the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Olivet Jones says:

    Hi Nick—Do you currently have any interest coming from organizations in the area of diversity & inclusion? Often clients are seeking topical training (diversity 101, unconscious bias and the like). That’s my area of specialty and I’m curious as to what trends you are seeing for demands in that arena?

    • Hi Olivet – I’ve not seen a specific requirement for that come through the Projects network yet although I do get plenty of questions about these areas via the chat on other pages of the website so I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

  • Jacyn Meyer says:

    Do you ever get requests for executive coaching?

    • Not very often Jacyn. That tends to be follow-up work after a need has been identified.

  • Fiona+Anderson says:

    Hi Nick
    Very many thanks for adding me to the email list for this exciting opportunity. A few questions:
    What is the current value of your project manager opportunities in the UK?
    What is the UK market share of project manager opportunities?
    What are your plans to market and grow the project manager opportunities?
    I am assuming the offer is USA $?
    I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome an email response given the questions I have posed!
    Warmest wishes

    • Hi Fiona

      It’s difficult to give an accurate answer about the current value as we are merely the conduit for each project that comes through. We connect you with the client and you take it from there. How much value you extract from the project is up to your skills as a consultant to spot opportunities and act on them as you work with them. We don’t get involved in that and once the project is under way it is off our books.

      We market the service by increasing the reach of the WorkshopBank website. We provide as much value as we can to people who find us in the hope that when they need a PM to support them then they will consider us as an option.

      The offer is indeed in $USD. You are, in fact, charged in your local currency and we absorb any transaction costs with the change in currency.

      All the best

  • Naval says:

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for the details.

    I have following additional questions:
    > What’s the total count of registered members? What is the target number that you would limit this to? What’s the count of members from India?
    > What’s the average monthly traffic on your portal? What’s the rate of growth of this traffic and what steps are being taken to increase the traffic?
    > What’s the ratio of traffic to inquiry/opportunity? What’s the ratio of membership to inquiry/opportunity?
    > How are these inquiries/opportunities distributed among the members? What’s the average weekly/monthly count of inquiries that a member can expect?
    What is the current value of your opportunities in India?
    > How is this portal/service different than many other freelancing/gig websites?

    Best wishes,

    • Thanks for the questions Naval. I’ll answer as many as possible. Some I don’t have the data for at the moment.

      – Total number of consultants: Approx 100 (2 in India)
      – Traffic: 60-80k per month (growing about 5% per month)
      – Don’t have those ratios at hand
      – Inquiries come in either direct to you via our RFP site ( or through our free strategy session offer (we distribute those according to best fit)
      – You shouldn’t expect inquiries on a weekly basis from Projects. We’re still a very young platform finding our feet so if we can get at least one piece of work into your hands in your first year that would justify your membership. Hopefully we can get a lot more though how successful you are is a lot about how well you respond to RFPs as they come in.
      – How are we different? We’re very niche – high performance team development.

      Hope that helps. Happy to answer follow-up questions.

  • Florian says:

    Hi Nick, thanks for providing us this opportunity!
    I have two questions:
    – What’s the count of members of The Netherlands?
    – How frequent are projects addressing self-organization, self-management, and similar questions (globally and for NL only)?
    Cheers, Florian

    • Hi Florian

      We have 1 other consultant in The Netherlands at the moment. I’m not aware of any projects that have specifically mentioned these topics upfront but I suspect all will have had elements of them arise given how important self-management is in improving team performance. Sorry I can’t be more specific but we don’t tend to get too deeply involved in the projects when they’re in process. The client is yours from the moment you win the piece of work and you have complete autonomy.


  • liam brown says:

    Hi Nick – how long will the waiting list remain waiting? when will individuals pass through into membership?

  • >