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Our CEO, Nick Martin, explains the main features of our service

More than 3,700 organizations use WorkshopBank including some of the world's largest

10,000 trainers & facilitators in 191 countries across the world

We connect you with someone local who naturally understands your particular culture & challenges.

Low fees compared to a normal consultancy

Standard consultancies usually charge upwards of 50%. Our commission is only 10%. It is low because our costs are low. We pass those savings on to you.

Hire a trainer or facilitator who knows your industry

WorkshopBank is one of the largest networks of independent trainers & facilitators in the world. Because of our scale we can confidently say we cover every industry on the planet.

Use our transcription service to write-up your outputs

Do not let your ideas, issues and action plans gather dust on the event floor. Take pictures of them, send them over, and we will create professional electronic versions for you.

Will your project contain sensitive information?

No problem. Every person who comes into contact with your project is automatically asked to sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property.

Things not working out with your consultant?

If you want to change who you are working with, let us know and we'll swap them out at no charge. The important thing for us is that you achieve your objectives.

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Our Simple 6-Step Process

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We put a call out to our membership with your project requirements

At this stage we keep the name of your company anonymous to protect your identity

We send you a short-list of list of suggested trainers / facilitators

Usually 2 or 3 days after you submit your project

You choose one (or several) & work directly with them to fulfill your objectives


On project completion we invoice you & take care of the trainer / facilitator on your behalf


We gather feedback from both you and the trainer / facilitator

This is a mandatory step for all parties so we can keep improving the service you receive