WSB 006 : Applied Improvisation With Paul Z Jackson

In Session 6 of The WorkshopBank Podcast, I’m talking to Paul Z Jackson who is co-founder and President of the Applied Improvisation Network.

He’s on the show to introduce Applied Improvisation as a facilitation technique and show what it can do for you and the groups of people you work with.

You’ll learn how improvisation works, the kind of results you can expect to get and how it’s not about being as funny as possible (a surprise to me!)

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In this podcast session you’ll learn:

  • How to reduce tension in the group you’re working with as you ease them into the idea of improvisation.
  • How Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pixar all have improvisation in their DNA.
  • How one of the Heads of Apple is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network.
  • Most of our life is spent improvising or in ‘improvisation mode’
  • There is no rule about improvisation having to be funny
  • The 3 Myths of improvisation are:
  1. You have to be funny – no you don’t
  2. Improvisation is just when things go wrong – it’s not – it can be first choice
  3. Improvisation is chaos – it’s not – it can have a structure (e.g. music jamming)
  • Facilitators who are good improvisors are able to get better results because they’re confident to depart from the script for the good of the workshop
  • Core learnings from an improvisation activity are being more creative, more collaborative, more confident and more responsive to change
  • What it’s like to be part of an improvisation activity (watch me go through the grinder from 12:55)


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